Creative Web Design Process

August 5, 2012

Chapolito has identified a standard process for creative web design project success with our clients. Although each of these phases may not be applicable to every web design project, the entire process is defined as follows:

  1. Prepare. We dedicate a portion of every project to understanding your industry and your competitors and how they do business in order to be as informed as possible prior to beginning requirements gathering. We work closely with your subject matter experts and/or users to define the requirements for building a successful project.

  2. Plan. Once our understanding of the scope of the project is set and we can clearly identify goals to measure the success of the project against we can begin planning the project. Often this stage will take use through rounds of wireframes, flowcharts and sitemaps and will at times require input and communication from you.

  3. Build. Through the Build stage we create and develop all the pieces of the project. In our experience, any development phase requires a lot of heads-down, focused work effort but also timely, open communication with you.

  4. Test. We test every project throughout the build phase; however, we also require an extra set of eyes – from our own teams and from your designated user group to perform goal based testing. This additional round of testing helps ensure that as few stones as possible go unturned in order to deliver a project that has been rigorously evaluated from multiple levels.

  5. Launch. Upon successful completion of the previous phases and your approval we will launch the site live.