Free Party Vectors

December 20, 2012

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Who doesn’t love celebrating and having a party? Now you have the vector illustrations to accompany any party graphics and material! These high quality Fireworks vector, bottle vector, cake vector and more are sure to get you in the fiesta mood! You can view a preview of these vectors below:

Free Bottle Vector, Fireworks Vector and Cake Vector are just a few of the awesome vectors in this free pack

These vectors are offered free and without limitations for use in your personal, commercial and metaphysical works. Please feel free to review and link to these vectors, but you are prohibited from hosting and distributing them yourself. A link back to would be appreciated!

In the party vector pack you will find a number of bottle vector graphics, including a wine bottle vector, beer bottle vector and numerous party themed vectors that are associated with bottles such as champagne cork vector, martini olive vector, red beer cup vector, and a lime slice vector.

For the smokers, there are a cigar vector and cigarette vector, although I must admit I find both of these repulsive! Regardless, cigars are often a celebratory indulgence to many people in a party and celebrating mood.

For those culturally inclined, I have included my favorite: a donkey piñata vector. He’s so colorful and fun! I never had a party as a child without a piñata — in fact, I still don’t , and it's always the highlight of the party. Of course that is also why I have included the cake vector - because no party is complete without a birthday cake. Celebrate a birthday with a birthday cake vector and do it with style!

When it comes to giant celebrations (such as an independence day), you can now celebrate with a real ‘BANG!’ with a fireworks vector. The illustration of the fireworks vector is sure to excite your friends and guests.

Additionally there is a Mardi Gras mask vector, beer keg vector, top hat vector, cool shades vector, and illegal pills vectors (for those of you who like to push your luck). I hope you can make good use of these vectors!