He’s proven to be consistently awesome and original with his work.

Cosmo Jones, Highly Evolved
Illin’ Illustration and Dope Design‎

I’ve hired Jesse for a number of Viacom projects I manage, along with some other clients in the fashion and retail arenas, and he’s proven to be consistently awesome and original with his work. His efforts are seen on several high traffic sites for MTV and VH1 and he’s in the very front of my rolodex.

Cosmo Jones, Highly Evolved
Extremely Nice Guy

Of the designers I’ve worked with, Jesse is the most approachable, receptive, knowledgable and talented. He’s also an extremely nice guy, always keen to promote healthy company culture. As a remote worker, whenever I’m in town Jesse always ensures that we make the most of any time spent together, including organising a San Diego brewery tour for my birthday. He will quickly become an pivotal asset to any company he works for both in his talent for design and his dedication to workplace culture.

Sam Meadley, Fanpics
Highly Recommended‎

Jesse is first rate. We had a project with a tight deadline and Jesse exceeded our expectations 10 fold. He’s efficient, he’s got great ideas from both a design and business perspective, and his work is high quality. I would definitely recommend Jesse with a 5 star rating!

Grant Bostrom, KidZui
Great Graphic Designer

Jesse is a great graphic designer. He is professional, on time with delivery and works great in team environments. Thanks for all the help with the projects, Jesse! I could not have finished everything without your help!

Greg Trinidad, Northstar Internet
Professional Design Work

Jesse completed our business cards and did a great job with a quick turnaround. They help to give our company a cutting edge, modern look and feel. We just have get him to redesign our website to be just as good now!

Colin Walsh, Visiseek
Exceptional Designer and Creative Thinker

Jesse has been a member of our core creative team and involved in dozens of graphic designs for MTV and VH1 related projects — specifically, digital/web designs and apparel design. Jesse is a creative force that is always innovative and unique, but also understands and works exceptionally well in an enterprise-level business environment that requires a rapid pace, the sometimes endless iterations to his creative material to reach our branding visions, and the patience and focus to deliver high quality projects every time and on time.

Cy Cary, MTV Networks
Creative & Professional…

Jesse is an extremely trustworthy and hard working individual. His work ethic and creativity sets him apart from the rest. For every deadline he was given, he turned in his work in a very timely manner. He needed little to no hand holding and was always thinking outside of the box. In addition, he was easily reachable and very responsive when we needed him. What I admire most about Jesse, though, is that his attitude makes it appear that he doesn’t do the work because he has to, but rather because he wants to. I would highly recommend Jesse to anyone looking for an amazing graphic designer.‎

Greg Lam & Scott Frankel, kneon

I was very happy with his work – not only did he design an awesome website, but he created a logo for me that sets me apart from the rest. He was fast, easy to work with, very fair and too talented (haha). I have personally recommended him to many friends and would honestly suggest anyone to work with him; whether your project be small or huge, Chapolito can deliver the goods.

Matthew Stubstad
Talented, skilled and creative

Wow, Jesse provided me with exactly the logo I wanted. He asked me questions and found out what I was looking for. When I changed my mind and asked for a couple of tweaks, he provided them right away. He gave me the best service I’ve had in a long time.‎

Fantastic, Responsible Designer

Jesse is not only extremely talented, but meets all his deadlines and is above and beyond professional – traits difficult to find in most artists, but he will provide you with everything you need when you need it. Very much worth every penny.

Sarah Mohen
Excellent Designer that Delivers!‎

We selected Jesse from a pool of about 50 that offered their graphic design services. We are quite happy we did; Jesse is a pleasure to work with while being creative and able to pick up on a concept to make it a reality. Thanks again, Jesse! We look forward to working with you and your business on our upcoming graphics and website projects. I don’t normally write reviews, but in this case, it is well deserved.

Miles Houck
Jesse Chapo is your go-to web designer!‎

Jesse has an unwavering vision for taking an idea and spinning it off with his own creative twist. Not only will he deliver the highest-quality and aesthetically-pleasing work, but he will work with you until he gets it absolutely perfect. Trust me, if you’re serious about creating an internet presence for your business, Jesse is your guy.

Garron Ma
Great Designer

Jessie is a great designer/ artist who maintains personal and professional integrity in his work and time lines!

Bil McMillian
Professionally outstanding!

Jesse is a fantastic designer and highly recommended. I approached him out of the blue with a project and he was able to accommodate my design concerns and budget limitations. As this was my first time dealing with a designer, he went above and beyond the call of duty, helping me through the process every step of the way. Jesse consistently remained on top of emails and stayed in communication through a variety of means, which is of course very important when dealing with a designer online. His design was exactly what I was looking for and fit my financial limits as well. Cannot recommend him more highly. Do business with this guy!!

Paul Hillsdon
Great User Intuition

Jesse worked with me in the initial stages of Spritzr, working diligently to craft a delightful user experience. He's got an excellent eye, great user intuition, and is a pleasure to work with. However, besides his top-tier abilities, I really appreciated the thoughtful way he conducts all his business interactions. Right from the outset I knew we were in safe hands and that we were on our way to a stellar product.

Manshu Agarwal, Spritzr