Web Application · 2014

The algorithms used by online dating sites do a very poor job of predicting long term happiness. Thinking about how the experience could improve the idea that our friends know us best was the starting block. Not only that, they also have other friends, one of which might be the perfect match.

Icons illustrated for first date ideas.
Variations on the Spritzr logo.

Dating is a complex and delicate social interaction.

One we knew we had to nail. Online dating is awkward enough in a closed network, but when you throw Facebook into the mix people get very nervous. Building the trust required for users to include their friends in a search for love was one of the most challenging design problems I’ve solved.

Faced with this challenge we spent considerable time testing our ideas with real users and customers through usability tests, focus groups, surveys, and A/B testing. By constantly questioning our assumptions and listening to feedback we regularly refined, altered, and simplified the experience.

Designs for the Home and Profile pages.

Crafting Delightful Interactions

I was solely in command of developing and maintaining the branding, design and front-end code. I even wrote some Python/Django and tinkered with PostgreSQL, learning what I needed as I went. While a ton of work, this allowed me the opportunity to sweat every detail of the implementation. One aspect that I dedicated considerable attention to was utilizing CSS animations and AJAX to craft delightful and fluid interactions.

On page editing of your profile allows effortless changes that are saved in real-time.