Android & iOS Application · 2016

At Life360 I’ve had the opportunity to lead design on numerous projects, but the most challenging was revamping the messaging system. This meant both a visual UI overhaul and a fresh UX approach to integrating messaging into the location and coordination layers of Life360. In addition to messaging I worked closely with the premium team to boost revenue, proposed features like the weather overlays, and contributed to our component library and design system.

Reducing Friction

Closing the Loops

Parents and kids loved the check in feature, but they told us that they would switch over the messaging to wrap up the interaction. Checking in at Trader Joe’s is useful, but it is often followed by, “Can you get milk?” Bringing the entire loop into messaging reduced friction and segued into natural conversations.

Various projects I designed at Life360.

Weather Overlays

After the launch of battery level we heard from our users that the simple act of sharing and knowing was making families feel closer. So I started thinking—what else can we let users passively share? Weather provided actionable information in the local vicinity, but also a spark for conversation or thought with family that lives far away.